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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Salinas, Ca- A mother of 3 can no longer remember her own name after years of being described as "Sarah's mom", "Kayla's mom", and now finally, "Ryan's mom".

"I haven't gone by my own name for so long that sometimes I forget that my name is, my name is, oh shoot, there it goes again, I can't seem to remember it. God I hate when that happens. Give me a few minutes, I'm sure it will come to me," said the confused woman.

A search at the Bureau of Records reveals that the mother of 3 was born Sept. 18th, 1968 and was given the name Margaret Gallagher.

According to the Spring Valley High School yearbook for the year 1986, Margaret Gallagher also went by the nickname Peg or Peggy, and was also called "Sugar Britches" (for reasons I don't think we want to know) by her first boyfriend, Daniel Leto.

Margaret Gallagher became Margaret Keenan on May 15th, 1995, when she married Kevin Keenan, according to a marriage certificate filed at Town Hall.

"I was introduced to her as 'Kevin's wife'," said friend and neighbor Frank Guma," I never thought to ask her what her first name was. I usually just say 'morning neighbor' and go about my business. They've been living next door for about 8 years and only now did it occur to me that I don't even know her name."

This loss of identity seems to be getting worse with each child she has, and with each new acquaintance she makes, especially through her children's advanced social networks.

She is mostly known as 'Sarah's mom' to the other parents and players of her oldest daughter's soccer team, or "Ryan's mom" at the Mommy & Me Classes at the local library.
There was a time, however, when Margaret "Peggy" Gallagher had her own identity.
"You may not believe it to look at me now, but back in college I had a lot going on. Co-captain of the Debate Team, 4 year member of a local Theater Group, instructor of yoga classes. I was very well known and quite popular with the men, especially the Fencing and Rugby teams.
They all knew my name back then, that's for damn sure. They all wanted to date, oh, hell, what is it again? Oh yes, Peggy, that's it. They all wanted to date Peggy, and guess what, most of them did. I taught those fencing boys the true meaning of the terms "thrust and parry", if you get my drift. I had an identity then. And a bit of a reputation too, but that's neither here nor there."
As our interview with Margaret ended she brought me with her to drop off her miniature dachsund at the animal obedience school and the woman behind the counter smiled and said, "Oh, you must be Bowzer's owner."
Margaret looked at me, sighed and shrugged.
I bet at least a few members of the Rugby team still remember the name Peggy Gallagher.

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