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Saturday, March 27, 2010



The current tv schedule is still in full swing, but Fox has already announced its summer weeknight lineup. The summer tv season gets mucher lower ratings than the regular season which typically ends airing new shows by late May. The summer season generally tests new shows that might be slightly edgier than those shown during the regular season. This summer's Fox lineup is certainly no exception.  Here is what we have to look forward to this summer from Fox:

Mondays 8 PM-
"Oh, that Morgo"- A "wacky" comedy about a giraffe named Morgo who keeps fooling the local residents of a small midwest town into believing that he is the mayor, the town doctor, or in one case, a man's long lost wife. He doesn't speak, but does a lot of pointing and shrugging, aided by a variety of fake wigs, mustaches and hats. The case of mistaken identity always ends with the duped party shaking their fist and saying, "Oh, that Morgo!" as Morgo shrugs, removes his disguise, and winks at the camera.
(Brought to you by creator Jorge Silva, who also created the quickly canceled 2008 sitcom, "That's my gay dad".)

                                               Tuesdays 9 PM-
"Cheeto and the Thumb"-  An unlikely duo join forces to solve mysterious, unsolved criminal cases. The 2 former arch rival private investigators having used up all their resources, decide to team up in this uncoventional one hour drama that Entertainment Weekly says, "will make you forget everything you think you know about everything you think you know, and may even cause you to question the existence of God. Cheeto and the Thumb is a revelation! A+". There's not much we can add to that.

Wednesdays 10 PM-
"Two Weeks of Dick"-   Comedian, actor and frequent drug user Andy Dick will pick  families at random out of the yellow pages and move in with them for two weeks. This new reality show will follow Dick and his adopted "family" day and night to document all the planned and unplanned events that make up the life of Andy Dick. He may make the family an impromptu lavish meal while dressed as a geisha or he may be found in the pool shed out of his mind on crack, naked with a few local boy scouts. You never know with Andy Dick!
The family that is able to tolerate his antics for a solid two weeks chooses one of two envelopes. One may contain $250,000 but the other may contain Andy's toenail clippings or possibly his unpaid court and legal expenses. It's a roll of the dice!

Thursdays 8 PM-
"Food Shopping with the Stars"- each week 8 B-List "celebrities" will go food shopping for one hour with a specific list. Join "stars" such as Marla Maples (former Mrs.Trump), Danny Bonaduce(The PartridgeFamily), Kevin Federline (former Mr. Britney Spears), Charlene Tilton (Dallas), Lorenzo Lamas(??), Ron Palillo(Welcome Back Kotter) and others to see who can get all their items and save the most money in an hour. Will they buy Glad or Ziplock?? Will they choose Wonder or Pepperidge Farm?? Will they use paper or plastic?? Don't miss a minute of the gut wrenching action.

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