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Monday, September 21, 2009


Chicago- The Cubs have seen enough of controversial baseball player Milton Bradley, and have decided to suspend him for the rest of the season. Bradley, who is playing for his seventh team in ten years, angered Cubs management by lashing out at the fans,calling them racists and complaining that the OPERATION is run like a BATTLESHIP.
Bradley has had some sort of TROUBLE at each stop in his ten year career, leading some analysts to believe that he has ANTS IN THE PANTS.
Anger management classes have not seemed to help calm Bradley down who is not only having problems on the field, but also in THE GAME OF LIFE.
Sources close to the player say his animosity toward the fans stems from his perceived lack of support from them due to his focused and intense quest for PERFECTION. Fans find his angry demeanor off- putting, saying he should be as thrilled as a BARREL OF MONKEYS that he's being paid a lot of money to play the game of baseball. A job most people would kill to have.
As for now the Cubs have seen enough of Bradley's tired act and are undecided if they are going to try and trade him. Several teams with post season aspirations are acting like HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS and are already contacting the Cubs to inquire about his availability and want to gobble up his bat for the playoffs.
Winning seems to be the bottom line with most of these teams, who don't seem worried that Bradley's disruptive force, akin to a 150 mph gale force TWISTER, will rip their clubhouses apart.
Who knows? Maybe the next stop for Milton Bradley, the eighth team in ten years, will prove to be the right fit for this troubled player. SORRY, but I don't think so.
SIMON says not a chance. DD

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