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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Not every woman that Tiger Woods meets jumps into bed with him. Meet Hortense MacTavish, a woman who simply said "No".
As the list of women who had affairs with married professional golfer Eldrick "Tiger" Woods grows longer by the day, it is refreshing to hear of a woman who was not impressed with one of the richest and most famous men in the world.
Ms. MacTavish, a waitress at a pub in Turnberry, Scotland, was insulted and rather enraged that the golfer would even think he had a chance with her.

"I'm not that easy sweetheart, I told him. He offered me a lot of money to come back to his hotel. I said, 'who the hell do you think you're talkin' too?' I mean really, do women really fall for that crap? I can do so much better than that bloke. What a little baby he was, I don't think he's used to being turned down. He had a break down right at the table for Lord's sake," said MacTavish.

Woods met Ms.MacTavish back in July in between rounds while playing in the British Open and immediately tried to seduce her.

"He ordered a cobb salad with dressing on the side, and before I could ask him if he'd like something to drink he's already puttin' the moves on me like I'm some slutty little tart. The nerve of him! I'm a respectable woman, I don't go for those types of shenanigans. Besides, he's not my type, he reminds me of Bugs Bunny, weak chin and big teeth."

Woods was not used to rejection and went back to have one of the worst rounds of golf he had ever played, and ultimately missed the cut for only the second time in his career. Whether or not these two events are related is pure speculation, but there may be something to the notion that Tiger needs sex before he plays.

"Every golfer on the tour has a routine that he adheres to before playing a round. John Daly eats a triple cheeseburger and washes it down with 3 shots of Jim Beam. Phil Mickelson watches old Marx Brothers movies to loosen up. Sergio Garcia brushes his teeth for an hour, usually until his gums bleed. Every golfer has something, a ritual if you will, that's done before he heads out to the clubhouse.
Tiger's has always been rampant sex with loose women. He doesn't consider it cheating on his wife, but instead, staying faithful to his golf game. It's just his ritual, that's all. We've seen the devastating effects when he doesn't get his groove on. For all fans out there, including myself, let's hope there aren't any more women like Ms. MacTavish who would put their own selfish behavior in front of millions of adoring Tiger fans who are expecting to watch a great round of golf," said an anonymous PGA official, "ladies, please, give it up, for the good of the game."

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