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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Flint, MI-   Howard Ketcham came home from work last night, changed his clothes, washed his hands, and sat down at the dinner table. After several minutes, a mild panic took over Ketcham's usually calm demeanor, as he realized his wife wasn't home, and there was no dinner waiting for him.

Ketcham sat there for quite some time, waiting hopefully for his wife to come home and serve him his long awaited meal. A few minutes turned into a few hours, and finally with hunger pains driving him forward, Ketcham entered into unchartered territory, the kitchen.

He fumbled around pulling out all the food he could find in the fridge and  pantry, and stared at the stove for 15 minutes before attempting to turn on the burner.

Howard Ketcham had never cooked a meal in his 54 years, and in fact, had only been in his kitchen twice before. Once the day they moved into the house and the other time by accident, looking for the bathroom. 

"I'm not much for the kitchen," said Ketcham," I leave that stuff to Marge [Ketcham's wife]. I'm old fashioned, you know, I do the outdoor stuff and she does the indoor stuff. That's how my parents did it, and that's how we're doing it. It's worked very well, until now, that is."

Ketcham made a valiant attempt to cook his first meal, and while the fruits of his labor were not aesthetically pleasing, the result served its purpose- a man was fed. The kitchen was destroyed in the process, and may never be the same again, but Howard Ketcham is pleased with his efforts.

"Listen, I'm not gonna quit my day job any time soon to become a short-order cook, but I made a meal damn it. I'm proud of that. It wasn't pretty, and it tasted like shit, but I made it with my own two hands. That's more than my father could've said for himself."

DD (Laszlo Ferrar reporting)

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