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Sunday, June 13, 2010



Grammy-winning death-metal trio Urinal Cake, fresh off the critical and commercial success of their groundbreaking album, You’re a Peein’ Union, today announced the first ten dates of their You’re a Peein’ Tour. The dates are as follows:

Monday, June 28: Dingleberry Downs, KOSOVO

Wednesday, June 30: Franz Fleishwolff Field, BULGARIA

Thursday, July 1: The One Coliseum Inn, LUXEMBOURG

Sunday, July 4:  Stadium de How She Likes It, LIECHTENSTEIN

Tuesday, July 6: PissPottPark, POLAND

Friday, July 9: Baron Mikel Scicluna Stadium, MALTA

Tuesday, July 13: Monty Hall, MONTENEGRO

Thursday, July 15: Rufus del Fuego Coliseo, PORTUGAL

Sunday, July 18: L’Arc de Archduke, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

Tuesday, July 20: Club Thanksgiving, TURKEY

Warming up for the band on all of the above dates will be the avant garde synth-pop septet Tsunami Tourist Trap. Plenty of good seats available for all shows. In early August, the band will kick off their tour of the war-torn Middle Eastern and Russian caucuses, stopping in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and numerous other countries ending in “-stan.” They are not, however, expected to play their hit single, Anwar Sadat Has an Open Mind on this leg of the tour. Opening for these dates will be internationally renowned quadruple amputee “Stump the Band.”

Visit their website at www.bewarethesplashback.com for more information

DD (Vic Venom reporting)

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