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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Burt Reynolds Loses Movie Role To His Own Wig

Hollywood- Burt Reynolds, former Hollywood box office champion, has had a major setback in his bid for yet another career revival. Reynolds, who at one time was Hollywood’s most popular and influential star, is having a rough time in his "not so golden" years.
The former star of such movies as, “Deliverance”, “Smokey and the Bandit”, and “The Longest Yard”, has not had a hit in over 25 years. A decade ago his career seemed to be rejuvenated by an Oscar nominated performance in the movie “Boogie Nights”, but Reynolds could not seem to find a follow-up role to capitalize on his success.
His latest comeback bid has taken a bizarre turn when casting directors decided that his wig was more convincing than he was in a recent audition. Reynolds did not get a call back, but surprisingly, his wig did.
“We couldn’t take our eyes off that wig, it really stood out. The emotional range of that hair piece was phenomenal. Pardon the pun, but it was head and shoulders above Mr. Reynolds, and really made us take notice,” said Bill Futterman, assistant casting director for the as yet untitled project.
The role that Reynolds was auditioning for was that of a recently retired Supreme Court judge who finds retirement unsettling, due to the fact that he doesn’t command the respect in every day life that he once held in the courtroom.
“Mr. Reynolds’s audition was severely lacking in plausibility. This is a drama. He read the lines with a smirk, like he was trying to make a joke. That is not the kind of performance we were hoping for. But, I’ll tell you what, that toupee was magnificent! A real commanding, take charge presence, which is exactly what we’re looking for,” said Tracy Romano, head casting director.
Reynolds, who could not be reached for comment on this story, can add this, as yet another embarrassing episode in a once unstoppable career. Not quite as embarrassing as his roles in “Cop and a Half” or “Striptease”, but very close.
Marv Bronstein, Burt Reynolds’s agent said,”Obviously Burt was upset to hear that he didn’t get the part, but the news is bittersweet for him because he is extremely happy for his wig. If he were to lose out on a role to anyone, he’s glad it was to his own wig, and wishes it great success with this role and all its plans for the future. He only hopes that he and the wig remain close and looks forward to working with it again.”
Reynolds has worn hundreds of custom-made wigs over his long 40 plus years in front of the camera, but he was especially attached to this certain piece. Loni Anderson demanded this certain wig in their well publicized divorce, but Reynolds refused to part with it. She once told close friends that she had more feelings for that wig than she ever did for Reynolds himself, claiming the wig was a better listener, and a much better lover. DD

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